5 Easy Steps To Landing PR Assistant Jobs

PR is a wonderfully diverse, fast paced and exciting field to work in; there’s always something happening and any two days are never the same.  Potentially lucrative once you reach the ‘middleweight’ divisions and above, getting your foot in the door by any means is essential.  Here are 5 easy steps to finding and getting PR Assistant jobs.

1. Sort out your CV

Your CV is you on an A4 page, so it’s essential to put all your important info down in an easy to read and eye catching manner.  Companies will see hundreds of them a day, so what makes yours stand out?  Whether it’s a different font or a few pictures, anything is better than the ‘usual’.  Make sure there aren’t any spelling mistakes, and prepare to justify everything you’ve written later on.  Just remember that you will be researched.

2. Get some (unpaid) work experience

Doing work experience, even if it’s unpaid, is a sure fire way to impress potential employers.  It shows you’re dedicated to pursuing a career in public relations, and are prepared to do the hard yards to get there.  From small local companies to big PR agencies, even if you’re getting coffee it’s going to help you.  Don’t expect to work on anything important, but act like a sponge and soak up as much as you can.  Try not to piss anyone off either, and always get a reference.

3. Do your own thing on the side

While doing the donkey work for someone else is all well and good, doing you own thing on the side shows creativity and even more of a drive.  From online public relations such as creating a website and promoting it on social media channels like Twitter and Facebook, to creating simulation adverts or press releases to put in a portfolio, do what makes you happy and then show it to the people who matter.  You’ll score big points, and hopefully your enthusiasm will seal the deal.

4. Contact as many recruiters as possible

PR Assistant jobs are always fought over by a huge number of applicants, so make it easy on yourself and contact a recruitment agency.  They’ll put your CV in front of the best companies and set you up nicely for interviews.  Remember they make a commission from how much you earn, so it’s better for them to put you in the right sort of area where you’re more likely to succeed.  Scouring the internet or job boards yourself is difficult and sometimes depressing, so why not have someone else give you a helping hand?  2 sets of eyes are better than 1 after all!

5. Never give up

PR is a cut throat industry, so giving up at the first hurdle won’t impress anyone.  There is a job out there for you, it may just take time to present itself.  Trying as hard as possible to find it will only benefit you in the long run, because you’ll be able to look an interviewer in the eye and know that you’ve earned the right to sit there.  Develop a thick skin, prepare for a load of knock backs, but always have a positive attitude and a smile on your face.

Look, public relations assistants are right on the first rung of the ladder, but getting there might seem like an overwhelming task.  If you’re not one of the lucky few who can get by in life with a smile and a bit of good fortune, work your ass off and you’ll succeed for sure.  It’s a dog eat dog industry, so following the above tips will put you in a solid position and hopefully open the door to one of the best careers imaginable!

Check out these resources for more useful information:

Make Money Today

Contrary to popular belief, money really does make the world go around. If you have it, you can live the life you want to and have a lot of fun. If you don’t, well, maybe you need to read the PR Links quick guide to making money online.

People are incredibly impatient these days; after all, who has the time to wait around for something to happen? You want it right now, and anything less than instant it too slow, right? With that said, here are 4 ways to make money today.

1. Go To Work

Yes, stop reading about get rich quick schemes and actually go to work. You’re guaranteed to make something today, even if it’s £10 or £20- but that’s better than nothing! Doing the job somebody hired you to do is the fastest and most effective way to make money today; if you’re reading this in your lunch break than that’s fine. Don’t have a job? Better start looking (or reading)!

2. Gambling

Bound to make an appearance in this list, gambling is another way you’re guaranteed to make some amount of money today. Whether you keep it all is another matter. Online casinos offer most new customers a ‘golden hello’ of around £5 to get you warmed up, but unless you’re a pro, don’t expect to retire any time soon.

3. Youtube Marketing

This is easier than it sounds, and is slightly different to the conventional ways of online revenue generation. Normally you’d have to spend weeks making a website and ranking it in search engines, but with Youtube you simply upload a video, sign up for Google Adsense, place ads on said video and then pick the ‘keywords’ that are most likely to entice people to watch it. Whether it’s a video of your cat sleeping, someone falling of a wall or just your favourite song, the millions of people using Youtube will mean you’re bound to make something, albeit not much to begin with.

4. Ebay/Auction Sites

Selling some of your old crap on Ebay is a great way to make some extra cash. Want it today? Well then put a ‘buy it now’ marker on it, or a shorter auction time. You can put pretty much anything on auction sites like these, from books to boats. Do a bit of research before you list anything to see general prices and trends, and don’t forget to look into those all important keywords. If you manage to shift all your stuff, congratulations!

Make Money Online Now

More people than ever are turning their attention to the internet in order to bring in some extra cash these days. Obviously the global recession is the main factor, but another reason is that it’s actually pretty easy once you know the score. Yes, it may take a bit of time to read up on the basics, create a plan and the implement it, but the truth is that anyone can make money online now, and here are 5 good ways how to do it!

1. Google Adsense

This is possibly the easiest way to make money online. Create a website, write some content, put some Adsense ads on there and then get the word out about the site. People will turn up, click on the ads (if they want to) and you’ll see the $$ in no time. Of course if you’re like Jerry Maguire and want to be shown the money, you’ll need to invest more time, money and effort in things like SEO.

2. Promote Affiliate Products

Almost as simple as Adsense. Create a website/blog, write about why a specific product or service is great and worth buying, sign up to an affiliate network (like Affiliate Window) add some banners and text links to the content which direct people to said product or service, and then sit back and let the money roll in. You get a commission on whatever people buy, as long as they go through your website to do so.

3. Sell Advertising Space

While this should be a by product of making a website, selling advertising space is a sure fire way to see the big bucks. Don’t expect people to just turn up at your basic HTML site that gets 1 visitor in a blue moon though; you’ll have to put in some seriously hard work to get a lot traffic, a good ‘score’ (for example on Open Site Explorer) and a solid number of readers. Big companies want to put their products in front of as many people as possible, so if you’re website is quite the authority, then putting things like banner space up for grabs for a tidy sum is definitely worth it.

4. Ebooks/ Instructional Videos

So if you’re passionate about something in particular, writing an ebook or making an instructional video about it can generate some serious revenue. Whether it’s fishing, cooking, working out or even the best ways to go about ironing a shirt, as long as you can think of something interesting, cool and worthwhile to say, people will go for it. There are loads of different websites out there which allow you to sell your own ebooks, and Youtube isn’t a bad place for videos either!

5. Gamble

OK so this one isn’t rocket science, but you can make some money by visiting the massive amount of casinos that exist online. It’s not pretty, and you will probably lose more than you earn, but if you’ve had no luck with the above methods it’s worth a shot!

Find The Best TV For You

Technology is a wonderful thing, and these days there are some seriously good products out there, and TVs are no different. From high definition (HD) to 3D and internet enabled, there are a huge number of makes, models and sizes. With such a vast choice though, finding the right one for you can be a challenge, but looking online at stores like Amazon UK will make it considerably easier.

There’s no question that super thin flat screens are the best, and in fact, you’ll struggle to find old school ‘boxes’ these days. There’s no need to take up a huge amount of space with the latter when you can get better overall picture quality and use less space with the former. The ability to hang a flat screen on the wall is also something many people look for.

In terms of quality then, you’ll be looking at massively sharp pictures thanks to incredible resolutions. HD has certainly become standard now, and anyone who has seen a film or sporting event on a dedicated HD channel, DVD or even a Blu-Ray player will testify to the awesomeness. Around 40% better in the quality stakes than normal, if you’re looking to be wowed, this should be a pre requisite. Step up to the next level with 3D and you’ll feel totally involved in anything you watch. And now there are also smart TVs which can connect to the internet, stream movies and even serve as large computer monitors- anything is possible!

When trying to decide which television to go for, price is generally the overriding factor. The good news is that shopping online means you’ll generally pay much less than visiting a store in person, and the choice is a great deal larger. Aside from money, you should consider the size of your room, what kind of peripherals you have (or will buy), what kind of connection you have (satellite or freeview) and just generally what you want to watch. There’s no point in paying for a top of the line product if you won’t use it to its full extent.

Basically, if you’re looking for a new TV, there’s a phenomenal amount of choice out there. Consider your options carefully and buy accordingly; looking online is the best advice as there’s not much you cant find. One thing is for sure though- you’ll be blown away with what you see!

US Presidential Election: Buying The White House?

The race for the White House is well and truly on in the 2012 Presidential elections. Campaigning has been going on for a while, and a plethora of different candidates have stepped up to the plate; several have definitely had to reconsider their positions and bow out already. But with most coming from ‘well off’ backgrounds, is it more a case of how much money they have to spend versus the quality of their manifestos?

The first real giveaway is the cost of running a campaign itself. This year some budgets are well into the tens of millions of dollars; this will inevitably have a knock on effect on the number of votes received. More money equals more advertising, which equals more votes (when compared to a candidate with a considerably smaller budget). Is this fair?

This is not a new trend however. Even the Kennedy’s were renowned for spending a shed load in the 60s to improve the chances of securing the presidency. Whether or not JFK was the best candidate could have been irrelevant (he was by the way) as money was really the deciding factor. While this is a very simplified point, it is still very relevant.

Advertising is hugely successful these days, and while the real decision lies with the American people, each campaign commercial will stick in the mind of every individual, for either positive or negative reasons. It need only be a single word or phrase, but the more people hear it, the more likely they are to remember the message and vote accordingly.

The bottom line is this- whoever is the victor in arguably one of the most heated and frenzied political elections the world over will be seriously well off in terms of finances. While some would argue that being ‘rich’ is almost a prerequisite (after all, how can one be comfortable controlling trillions of dollars if their own personal finances are modest?), the inescapable fact is that the Oval Office can definitely be bought.

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